We’re buzzing for the start of the safe return of children’s activities. Participating in organised activities offers families many health and wellbeing benefits, whilst also supporting the social, emotional, physical and mental development of your child. We have all missed our favourite activities during lockdown. It’s only natural that you might feel a little nervous getting out and about, or a bit unsure of which activities might be best for your child at this time. To give you a little inspiration, we’ve put together some expert advice to give you some more information about why these activities are great for you and your child.


Arts and Crafts

Since 2002 The Creation Station have inspired over 1.5 million children and adults with creative activities and activities have been rated 5-Star by over 7,200 customers on Trustpilot.  The benefit of attending art and craft classes  with your child is far more than not having to worry about the mess!  Although this is pretty handy too!

Based on research and practical experience, here are the top ten benefits for your child when they engage in creative activities.

1. Hand & Eye Co-ordination: Learning to develop fine motor skills takes practice. Creative activities help to develop your child’s proprioceptive input, dexterity and tactility.

2. Inspire Imagination: When you nurture your child’s imagination you help to nurture their creativity and they grow as an individual.  This helps with all areas of learning, enhances their wellbeing and self-development.

3. Physical Development: When your child creates models, manipulates clay or uses their fingers to make marks, this helps to develop their hand and finger strength. Creative activity also supports the development of your child’s movement, balance and spatial awareness.

4. Sensory Development: Being involved in creative activities helps your child to develop their observation skills, ability to listen to instructions, explore different textures, recognize different smells and gain an understanding of their world.

5. Logic: Overcoming challenges is part of life’s journey. Creative activities help your child to think, make connections and work things out for themselves.

6. Communication skills: Creative activities help your child to develop their listening skills, express their feelings, describe their activities and actions, developing their language and their attention to detail.

7. Concentration: Being creative builds your child’s confidence to try new experiences and activities, builds their persistence and patience and helps them to develop their own ideas.

8. Confidence: Developing your child’s own ideas and turning them into something they can hold in their hand, promotes deep pride, satisfaction and self-worth.

9. Social Skills: Activities help with the ability to share with others, bond with each other, and make friends.

10. Understanding Their World: Activities help your child’s understanding of the concept of large and small, above and below, hard and soft, wet and dry etc.


To build confidence

Don't ask ‘What is it?’ Say 'tell me about ….’The answers you receive are a great insight into what they are thinking about and can generate some interesting conversations. What may look like a scribble or sea monster to you, could be a drawing of what you did at the weekend with lots of extra details that you may never know your child was thinking about.  Actively listening will help build your child’s confidence that their opinions and thoughts are welcomed.

Create the opportunity for them to make decisions

After your child has a  enjoyed a creative activity encourage them to  explore a range of other activities they would like to do. Other ways to develop their decision making include doing part of an activity together and asking for their advice. For example, collect some items from round the house together and ask, “What do you think you could do with these?” Children appreciate when their opinion is asked for and valued. See what ideas they come up with, then help them make it happen.

Develop your bond with your baby or toddler 

Whenever possible make eye contact. This might sound strange but your facial expressions, body language and smiles, all make your child feel loved, special and valued. Whenever possible put the phone away and enjoy the time just focusing on each other.

The Creation Station

The Creation Station is here to help inspire your child’s imagination and nurture their creativity and help you to have FUN.  We provide exciting journeys of exploration, discovery and development for all  stages of your child’s development.

The award-winning arts and crafts activities and programmes are packed with different ideas, materials ideas and tools so each week there is a new creative adventure to enjoy. We are the ‘Number 1’ arts and crafts activity provider based on over 7,200 5-Star reviews.

Activities include:   
•    Tiny Treasure  - Keepsake sessions for new mums and their baby.
•    Baby Discover  - Baby and parent classes to help your baby discover their world  
•    Little Explorer classes- Toddler and parent fun where we bring the arts in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.
•    Create Club - After school clubs and holiday camps for 5 - 11 year  olds  
•    Family Fun -  Creative fun for the whole family at weekends and in the holidays too.
•    Arty Party Birthday Entertainment - Much needed fun birthday party entertainment

Find and book your local Creation Station fun!  Visit www.thecreationstation.co.uk


We are making sure that everyone who attends our classes can enjoy the activities safely.  Here are some of the ways we are ensuring government guidelines are  in place when you come to class:

•    All our leaders have taken and passed a COVID secure training test.

•    Our leaders undertake a regular lateral flow test to ensure they aren’t a COVID-19 transmitter.

•    We will not encourage high fives or hand holding outside your bubble. 

•    Adults are required to keep a 2m distance.   

•    You will have your own creative pod 2m away from the next customer.

•    We have longer gaps between classes to ensure a deep clean takes place and to reduce contact with other.

•    Children will have their own sanitised equipment.

•    A one-way system will be implemented.

•    Everyone will be asked to use the sanitiser at the entrance and exit.

 Thank you for helping us return safely back to classes.



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