Fun learning paving the way for school!

Not as obviously fun BUT fun is absolutely what these activities are!

Find out how fun makes the learning easy and gently guides your child to a life-long passion for knowledge and self-improvement.

A word from our sponsors to start us off

Learning Resources® are delighted to be sponsoring the Academic, Languages and Education Day for Children’s Activities Week. We have been the leader in educational toys for over 30 years, and our mission is to help kids love to learn, providing over 1,000 different products to more than 80 countries.

It is our passion to aid parents and teachers with building a strong foundation for children’s physical, mental, emotional, and social development that prepares them for a lifetime. Moments are created where learning and play become one, and our products are designed to instil a love of learning in both boys and girls, who often do not realise they are learning as they play.

The ability to communicate effectively is a key life skill and we begin learning and communicating from the moment we are born. Research suggests that learning a second language at an early age is much easier as the language centre of the brain is still developing. 

Some advantages of learning a second language are:
•    It stimulates a child’s curiosity
•    Boosts cognitive development which can help their overall academic progress in the future
•    Studies show that children who learn a second language tend to display more empathy towards others

Begin to introduce a second language to children by singing simple songs, ‘Frère Jacques’ for example, learning to count to 10 or naming the different colours of the rainbow.

Morton Michel are delighted to be a founding member of the Children's Activities Association and recognise the importance that kids' activity providers bring to a child's learning and development. They provide a specialist insurance package tailored to meet the requirements of children's activity providers which includes additional benefits to support their business. Click here to find out more.

Children's Activities Association members tell us more

Gain valuable life skills

It's never too early to develop an early interest in essential and desirable life skills such as reading, modern languages, science and first aid.

Programmes will be age appropriate and use many different techniques to make learning so much fun - including music, singing, storytelling, sensory play, movement and messy play.

Encouraging a life long passion for learning

Programmes encourage turn taking, socialising, sharing and answering questions.

Foster inquisitive minds and confident questioning.

Benefits of language learning

•    Increased cognitive development (such as reasoning, problem-solving, critical-thinking, and listening skills).
•    Increased likelihood of reaching native-like pronunciation. Young brains are primed to learn languages and are more likely to identify the nuance differences in a new language’s sounds and intuitively understand its rules.
•    Gives children a more positive attitude to other cultures and a deeper understanding of how big and varied the world is.
•    Gives children a head-start on the languages they will be learning at school.
•    It can boost language development in the English language.
•    Growth in self-confidence and self-esteem.

However the children are not the only ones learning!

•    Mums, dads, grandparents and carers attending are learning a new skill or refreshing an old skill.
•    As families grow, there is less and less time for the adults to explore their own interests and ambitions such as learning a new language, challenge themselves and keep their brains active.
•    It becomes a shared adventure of exploration and growth that creates a great bond with the children. Parents have told us that they use the songs learnt in class to soothe their babies, that they listen to Spanish / French music between classes, or that during a walk or outing they will try to name, count and say the colours in Spanish / French of everything they see.
•    The classes are also an opportunity to make new friends for everyone – parents and children alike get to know each other and friendships blossom.

Find out more about

Kidslingo is a children’s language franchise business that teaches French and Spanish to over 12,000 babies, toddlers and primary school kids through a national network of over 120 franchisees and tutors. Kidslingo’s aim is simple – to inspire children to love languages for life.

Its innovative approach is based on the science of learning, and uses a clever mix of music, games, Makaton, role-play, drama and storytelling. Kidslingo has been awarded Makaton Friendly status as inclusivity for all children is a key focus for the classes.

Find out more about
Mini Professors

At Mini Professors we are passionate about science and we are dedicated to inspiring children as we bring science to life in a fun, interactive and educational way.  Our theme tune’s opening line is ‘Science is all around us’ and this reflects the ethos of our lessons.
Our lesson plans are researched and pulled together from real life scientist mums who are passionate about spreading their enthusiasm for science!

Children have an incredible thirst for learning from a young age and we harness and encourage them at every opportunity.  Learning shouldn't be boring or scary - that's why we make learning, experimenting, and exploring easy and fun! Science should be accessible to everyone - we do not dumb down scientific terminology but explain scientific principles in simple terms with interactive experiments.

Our Mini Professors get to wear their own mini lab coats and learn about the basic principles of scientific experimentation, all while spending time with their care giver, having fun and doing what they do best - getting stuck in.

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Reading Fairy

Babies and children love the magic of Reading Fairy classes and events: from sensory songs and storytelling to fun phonics, first words, book time & more!

At Reading Fairy, we believe in learning through play and nurturing a love of reading. We use fun props to engage and delight toddlers and children.

Created by early reading experts, Reading Fairy classes are designed to develop crucial building blocks for learning to read from 1-5 years. Reading Fairy’s unique programme is based on the latest research and best early years practice.

We work with leading organisations to run storytelling and picture book events for reading and literacy charities, libraries, publishing houses and educational establishments to support children’s reading.

Find out more about
KeepaBeat Junior Medics

It's cool when you can help someone when they're hurt or unwell and this is what Keepabeat's Junior Medics is all about.

Tie a sling, bandage a head, treat a cut or putting someone into the recovery position - it's these and other little but important things that can make all the difference.

KeepaBeat has developed first aid courses for children which as well as being a great confidence builder, will leave them equipped to deal with life's little dramas

More academic, language and educational classes and groups happening across the UK!

Reading & Storytelling 1 years to 5 years SIDCUP (DA14 5JR)

Created by early reading experts in partnership with Baby Sensory, Reading Fairy classes give your child the best start for learning to read from 1 to 5 years. Our unique programme is based on the latest research and best early years practice, and includes fun phonics and first word games, sensory and performance storytelling, original songs, classic nursery rhymes and picture book time. Our lovable characters engage and support your child as they build...


Thursdays at 10am, 10.45am & 11.30am. See website for details.

Reading & Storytelling 1 years to 5 years SIDCUP (DA14 4TA)

Created by early reading experts in partnership with Baby Sensory, Reading Fairy classes give your child the best start for learning to read from 1 to 5 years. Our unique programme is based on the latest research and best early years practice, and includes fun phonics and first word games, sensory and performance storytelling, original songs, classic nursery rhymes and picture book time. Our lovable characters engage and support your child as they build...


Saturdays (fortnightly) at 9.30am, 10.15am & 11am. See website for details.

Science For Kids 2 years to 5 years BRISTOL (BS30 8EB)

Mini Professors is the first science program that has been designed specifically for preschool children. Our 40 minute themed sessions provide a warm and welcoming environment in which young children can not only explore and marvel at science but we also encourage many life skills, such as asking and answering questions, turn taking, sharing and socialising. Mini Professors also get to wear their own mini lab coats!


Mondays 9.45am and 10.45am in Warmley Thursdays 9.50am and 10.50am in Emersons Green

Baby and Child Development & Health Newborn to Any age Crawley (RH10 3zp)

Wanting to keep your little one safe is natural.... That’s why at KeepaBeat we have developed a range of First Aid classes for Parents and Carers, Early Years Professionals (Ofsted), Workplaces and for Children as young as 4 years old. First Aid for Parents and Carers Be prepared for those little ups and downs and complete a mini First Aid session in one of our open sessions. Or hold a First Aid For Parent sessions at home! Why not put the kid...


Courses can be held evenings, weekends and daytimes to suit.

Languages 1 years to 4 years Cheadle (SK8 2PN)

Fun language classes using song, props, drama and lots of fun! In our Kidslingo sessions, we make language learning fun, using songs, games, drama and stories which bring language to life and really inspire our little learners. Lots of music, instruments, puppets, dancing and actions. stickers, star of the day, certificates, vocab sheets. We are also Makaton friendly, members of the Children's Activity Association and What's on 4 Kids award winners!!


We hold French at Just Giggle on a Friday and Spanish at a venue in Bramhall on a Thursday (also at 11am)

Spanish 1 years to 11 years West Kilbride (KA23 9BT)

We run fun Spanish classes for children throughout Ayrshire! We can run classes in venues, for nurseries, primary schools, home educators, childminders and in your own home with our Kidslingo@home service. Our Spanish classes are fun and interactive using songs, games, drama and stories to bring the language to life! Our aim is to ensure that a child’s first foreign language learning experience is both positive and memorable. We use our innovative lea...


Saturdays @ 9.10am Preschool, Hurlford Community Centre Saturdays @ 10am Infants, Hurlford Community Centre Saturdays @ 10.40am Preschool, Hurlford...

Tutoring 4 years to 16 years London (E1W 2QL)

Education, By Kate offers private, group and online tutoring classes for children aged 4-16 years, covering all school subjects and preparing children for GCSE, public school and SATs exams. Our group classes take place on Mondays and Fridays in Wapping, London, E1. Our private and online classes take place throughout the week and weekend. Former students have gained acceptance to schools including City of London Girls' School, Westminster Choir Sch...


We offer flexible start and finish times for our Monday and Friday group classes. Our sessions are open from 4pm - 6pm. Private and online classes av...

Spanish 1 years to 5 years Clitheroe (BB7 1EL)

Early exposure to a second language has a whole range of benefits for your child - not least of which is that it’s fantastic for their brain development and learning skills! Which makes it one of the best activities you can do with your little one from birth. Our multi award-winning music & language classes help develop your child’s early communication skills, build their confidence, and enhance their physical and emotional development. Each Bilingua...


Tuesday 10:00 - 10:45

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