Join us as we take a look at all things dance for children. We'll be talking about the benefits of dance and helping you chose a toddler, preschool or children's dance class near you.

Moving to music is a natural instinct when you are a baby and we believe dance is a great non-competitive, gender-neutral way of getting very young children physically active.

As a parent we all know how important it is for our children to be physically active but did you know that such habits could be set by the age of 5?

Sports, music and drama are fantastic activities to get involved in for this age group however at diddi dance our passion is for dancing. Moving to music is a natural instinct when you are a baby and we believe dance is a great non-competitive, gender-neutral way of getting very young children physically active.

One great benefit of your little one attending a dance class is the active brain development they will receive from it. The development of the brain is most rapid within the first 3 years of a child’s life, so by taking part in an activity that encourages repetition, which is how the brain learns and improves, your child will develop at a faster pace. As well as repetition being important for brain development crossing the midline is also a helpful task. By performing multiple movements throughout a class that go across the body from right to left but also explore top to bottom and front to back  - all of which are midlines - children are encouraging the connection between the brain and the body.

Dance not only helps with brain development but also with core physical skills such as hand/eye co-ordination and gross & fine motor skills. It also encourages creativity, spatial awareness and language/speech development.  Dance also helps build confidence, too.  Many parents don’t realise how important it is to start building their little one’s confidence from an early age, however the Government’s standards set for the Early Year’s Foundation Stage framework state that from birth to the age of 5* a child’s development through socialisation is vital for them to fulfil their potential in later life. Dance is perfect for this through repetition, sharing and close contact with others – both their age and older. This is also a key part of Ofsted’s readiness for school provision.

Being physically active also promotes a healthy lifestyle. Childhood obesity is still very high with nearly a third of children are classified as overweight or obese and instilling a schedule of activities where children are encouraged to burn off energy in a safe and fun environment, in accordance with the UK Chief Medical Officers’ recommendation*, will help set the habit of being active naturally rather than forced.  They will see it as enjoyable and then more likely to always want to be active and keep fit as they grow up.

diddi dance

diddi dance offers funky dance classes, encouraging boys as much as girls with different dance styles.  Classes are delivered in an age appropriate way, encouraging even the shyest of children, over time, to participate and engage with moving to music. Parents and carers stay in our classes and this is key to children’s confidence growing plus they then not only get used to engaging with other children but other adults, as well. We also take into account all aspects of development children need to be receiving at their young age and make sure our classes are utilising all key areas for brain and physical development.

To come along for a FREE trial just visit today or visit for more information!

Dynamix Dance Academy

At Dynamix Dance Academy, we offer a wide range of dance genres. But how do you choose which is right for your little one?

Ballet (the foundation for all other dance styles), is always a good place to start. Ballet technique builds strength, coordination and flexibility and improves the posture. Aside from the physical benefits, the prestigious RAD syllabi that Dynamix follow, is brilliantly creative. The exercises and music awaken the imagination and encourage a strong sense of performance from very early on.

However, if Ballet isn’t your little one’s forte, ISTD Tap or Modern Theatre might be more their style. They are both great for introducing boys to dance.

Tap focuses on musicality, rhythm and tonal quality! Your little one will have great fun making music with their feet! It is diverse in terms of music and style. We dance to everything from traditional swing to pop music and even the digeridoo, which encourages a varied sense of artistry.

Modern is great for little ones who love to dance along to pop videos! Energetic and free movement are encouraged from a young age. It uses a similar technical base as Ballet but explores a mixture of styles, from Technical Jazz and Contemporary, to Commercial, Hip Hop and Musical Theatre.

Razzle Dazzle

Of course, there are lots of different options for your children, but they may want to try something completely different! There's Acrobatics, Street Dance and Cheerleading.

Razzle Dazzle run cheerleading, dance and acrobatics classes for all ages and abilities in and around Chichester, West Sussex.

* Our ‘cheer for fun’ class is great for anyone wanting to learn cheerleading without the costs and commitment required for a competition squad.

*Our ‘Street Cheer’ class is aimed at ages 11+ and is a unique fusion of commercial street dance and Cheerleading moves. You'll find the funkiest, most up to date dance moves.

* Our ‘Acrobatics’ class combines the beauty of dance and acrobatics. Made up of gymnastics skills, balances, grace, strength and flexibility.

Each Term participants learn a new routine, which will then be performed in front of friends and family at our show at our end of the year

Free taster session to anyone who wants to give one of our classes a go, just quote “Whatson4”

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