What is Baby College?

Baby College® parent & baby classes are designed for parents and children from birth to three years of age.

Developed in the UK, classes take parent and child through a unique range of activities that enhance every aspect of a child's development. These include games to stimulate development of:

✓attention and learning

✓ balance and movement

✓ language acquisition

✓ cognition

✓ multi-sensory integration

✓ body awareness and concepts of self

✓ motor skills

✓ secure attachments

✓ emotional understanding

✓ social skills

✓ independence

Parents gain insight into different areas of early development as they participate in linguistic play, music, movement and other activities with their child. We cover a different fascinating developmental topic each week which have been written specially for us by child development experts, health professionals and academics. These offer refreshing, up-to-date ideas and answers to many of the questions you have about how your baby or toddler is developing, and why. Special weekly email newsletters for parents who attend our classes help to consolidate this knowledge.

Baby College® parent & baby classes are run in three age groups to suit the nature of different developmental stages.

Infants 0 - 9 months

Essentials right from the start. Our baby classes offer insight into early development to increase your confidence and understanding of your growing baby. Fun and gentle activities are suitable from birth with the pace progressing as your baby grows.

Toddlers 9 - 18 months

Your older baby is exploring more and more of the world around them, so Toddler classes introduce additional learning themes, music play and rhythmic movement. Activities promote language, listening, and body awareness.

BC Juniors 18 - 36 months

Junior classes are lots of fun and even more active, with greater emphasis on cognitive and motor skills. Themes drawn from life experiences allow each individual child to express their creativity and imagination. Activities support increased independence and emotional understanding, building the confidence and skills they will need for later learning.

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