Welcome to Sporty Minis On-Demand.  We provide fun and educational activities, to develop your child’s movement skills, fitness and physical confidence.

 I’m Marnie Wills, the founder of Sporty Minis.  I’m also an ex-England netball and rugby international, a qualified teacher, an expert in Early Years fundamental movement skills and a mum.  I’m passionate about giving children the best start, helping to set them up for a lifelong enjoyment of physical exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

Available as a series of You Tube videos, which you can save to your playlist, allowing easy access and saving time and effort.

All of the Sporty Minis On-Demand sessions are devised and delivered by specialist teachers and sports coaches, who regularly deliver sports and movement sessions in nurseries and schools in the London area.  Lockdown feels like the perfect opportunity to share our expertise and our passion for fitness, with a much wider audience.

               Our short videos, each one 15-20 minutes long, are designed especially for children aged 2-5 and 5-7

The structured activities support physical development and are closely linked to the Early Years and KS1 curriculum objectives

What is included in the joining price?

50 videos for KS1 (5-7) or 100 videos for toddler and pre-school children
   sessions delivered by specialist teachers and coaches
   a programme suited to your child’s age
    an introduction to elements of a range of sporting activities, including dance, football, gymnastics, multi-skills and rugby
    access to great quality teaching in your own home
    the opportunity to join in with your child
     structured sessions, each with a warm up, skills, game or challenge and a warm down
    activities which are suitable to revisit later, at the park or in the garden

All of this for just one payment of £24.

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