Children's activities are a much-loved AND vital addition to our children's development, education, health and well-being.  Baby and toddler activities are often an important support for parents and carers too.

The majority of children's activities are run by parents with small life-style businesses to support their own families.

The coronavirus crisis has hit children's activities hard with most stopping in class sessions in mid-March.  In response many very quickly moved to offering some online classes and other digital resources which has helped parents and children continue to enjoy some of the benefits of children's activities.  This has been amazing to witness and we know how much this has helped some many families.

BUT we know that many of these dedicated people are now struggling both financially and with their own well-being.

Please help to #savechildrensactivities - it needn't cost you anything either.

1.  Please pledge to join one online children's activity each week with your child.

2.  Join an online class run by someone in your local area.  Most have FREE taster classes.

You can find them easily on - just click the 'digital' filter.

3.  If you love it then consider carrying on OR if that is not possible right now then give please give them a shout out on your social media

Use our heart badge to show your support if you like too!

Thank you

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Please help us to help #savechildrensactivities
by pledging to join one online class with your children every week

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