There isn't an easy way to describe exactly what Tumble Tots is or does in one word, one phrase or even one sentence, but we definitely aren't "soft play". There is nothing wrong with "soft play", as any physical play is good for children's development, but we are so much more than that...

Yes, we use some foam equipment in our classes (which might look like "soft play"), but this more like the equipment little ones use in formal gymnastics, and our equipment doesn’t stop there! We also have wooden and handheld equipment, all of which have been specially designed, bespoke to Tumble Tots, to help pre-school children develop their fundamental movement skills of agility, balance, climbing and co-ordination (so you won't find it at any other children's activity!)

Classes are led by trained staff and unlike "soft play", grown-ups are actively involved, (don't worry, we don't expect adults to crawl through the tunnels!) This gives parents a chance to work with, bond with, and watch their child develop each week and for little ones to begin socialising with other adults as well as children.

Children are also taught to take turns (rather than pushing each other down the slide), listen and follow instructions, remember and repeat activities, develop language and communication skills through action songs and rhymes, another reason why we are not "soft play".

If anything, we are HARD PLAY! We take play seriously, we work and play hard in our classes, staff, parents and carers included, and believe our programme is not just fun but essential for well-rounded development.

We provide the necessary skills for a child's next steps in life, whether this is another activity or simply helping to build confidence.

Each and every child takes something different away from our classes, so to get your little one involved, please visit:

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