Kalma classes offer Yoga Massage and Mindfulness from 6 weeks through to 18 years. An early health and wellbeing provides a firm foundation for later life. Children become strong, resilient and resourceful in life. 💪 🧠 🧘‍♂️

Kalma classes support young minds and bodies through yoga stretches, relaxation and mindfulness and breathing techniques.  For babies and young children having bonding and special time is essential for their physical, social and emotional Health and Well-being.  Through song, story and sensory we adapt yoga and massage stretches in a fun and innovative way.

Health and Wellbeing for young children is always a priority for us here at Kalma. We want each child to lead healthy lifestyles and ensure they are physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, spiritually and environmentally healthy. Kalma classes ensure children’s Health and Well-being involves enabling children to engage in a physical Yoga activity, learn about coping strategies, use breathing and mindfulness to help emotional resilience and reduce stress.

Health and Wellbeing underpins and determines a child’s responses to their environment, to people and to new experiences.  Kalma has found early emotional health and physical health intervention gives freedom from stresses on the mind body and soul.

Kalma Yoga Teachers are fully trained in children’s yoga and mindfulness through our 95 hour teacher training program so you know your safe hands. Our settings are welcoming, calm, clean, comfortable, accepting and affirming. We provide opportunities for safe, energetic stretches, for quiet contemplation and relaxation.  To find out more and book in visit our website kalmababy.co.uk

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