Our French & Spanish Classes are Valuable, Educational and offer a Lifelong Skill

Learn with the Experts!!!!

Since 1983, La Jolie Ronde has provided language learning for children aged 0-12+ years old, world-wide, through our French and Spanish language clubs. Our award-winning programmes and methodology give children that significant head start and an opportunity to excel and enjoy a fun and positive approach to language learning.  

Our aim is to build confidence, self-esteem and a love of languages, that children carry with them when they approach language learning at secondary school.

We offer:

•    A choice of online or face-to-face classes  
•    Small-sized friendly classes  
•    Fully trained, vetted and insured tutors  
•    Fun & engaging activities with topics children are familiar with
•    High-quality pupil activity books for use in class and at home  
•    Access to our media app for supporting audio materials  
•    Reward stickers & regular feedback on progress  
•    Certificates & medals for programme completion

Our Classes Are:

Taught by our exceptional native/fluent tutors to ensure pupils speak with an authentic accent  
Packed full of fun and enjoyable activities such as songs, games, storytelling and roleplays  
Tailored to each age group  
Available mainly before and after school, lunchtimes, weekends and during school holidays  
A perfect foundation for future language learning

To claim your FREE FRENCH OR SPANISH CLASS simply contact your local tutor HERE!

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