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We are delighted to once again be featuring our exciting 'judged' categories, 2021 brings some changes however. We are honoured to introduce 'The Steve Franks Industry Champion of the Year Award' in memory of Steve Franks who contributed so significantly to the children's activities sector, and reflecting the recent challenges faced by the industry, our second judged award is 'Remarkable Achievement within the Pandemic'.

We have the pleasure to introduce our judges and also congratulate the nominees in these special award categories.  Our judges have a tough job ahead of them! Through to a Judged category? You will receive an email shortly to confirm your next steps!

A massive thank you to our 2021 judges

Michelle Reeves is a certified life coach and business mentor, host of The Ideal Life Club podcast, author of “The Happiness Habits Transformation” and a regular speaker at live and online events.  Find out more about Michelle at

Not one judge, but many as the whole of the Children's Activities Association Board come together once again to judge the Industry Champion award category for the 5th year. Find out more about the CAA and the current CAA Board of volunteers over at

The judged award categories for 2021

Remarkable Achievement within the Pandemic

Sponsored by TRUSTist®

Open to any individual working in the sector who has demonstrated remarkable achievement during the time of the COVID pandemic - this could be a business achievement, community or charity achievement or a personal battle - or a combination.  This award is judged by Michelle Reeves,

The Steve Franks Industry Champion of the Year Award

Sponsored by Children's Activities Association

Open to any individual person representing a member of the CAA. In memory of Steve Franks, judges will be looking for an industry champion who has demonstrated excellence and prowess and whose actions have benefitted the sector as a whole.  This award is judged by the CAA Board.

2021 Sponsors, Partners and Supporters Showcase

Thank you to all these organisations that make the What's On 4 Kids Activities Awards possible

Message from Morton Michel to everyone involved in the
What's On 4 Kids Activities Awards 2021

""The What’s on 4 Kids Activities Awards are our opportunity to share in the celebrations and individual and collective achievements of a wonderful business community. Inspiration, collaboration and pure passion for the safety, development and wellbeing of children are never off the agenda and we always leave the event with a great sense of pride for all those recognised."!"

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