The Little Gym - Baby Gymnastics Classes (4-10 months)

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We know what you’re thinking: My baby can’t even crawl yet, so why should we go to a gym? Well, there’s a lot going on inside those tiny heads. Everything that’s absorbed at this age lays the groundwork for overall functional development. The Learning Units of our proven curriculum are designed to help build the skills needed as children become mobile. And while your child discovers new movements, colours, and sounds with fascination and joy, you’ll discover new smile muscles you never knew you had.

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Monday 11.45am / 3pm
Tuesday 3pm
Wednesday 3pm
Thursday 10.15am
Friday 11.45am

How Old?

3 months to 9 months

How Much?

£60 per month for one class a week £150 for block of 10 classes

Training Completed
DBS Pass
Pre-Book Sessions
Boost creative and imaginative thinking
Plenty of giggles and fun
Grown ups can join in too
Supports early years and school learning
Try something new
Develop life long skills
Socialise and make friends
Get physical and active


94-102 High Street
Greater London
TW12 1NY

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Courtney Fonseca

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